Why Jadeja - SIR Ravindra Jadeja ???

Who created the world ?
Was that god or science.
Most debated and unsolved mystery....

Next to that, here is another question so popular in recent times.
Why Jadeja is called as SIR Ravindra Jadeja ???

No Idea, sir ji.

Even Google doesn't know it.
Why mentioning Google, Even the queen Elizabeth has no clue of awarding the knighthood as she is doubting herself with Schizophrenia.

Let's take a quick look about SIR's achievement.

1) In 2012, Jadeja became the eighth player and the first Indian player to score three first-class 300's in his career.
2) Under Virat Kohli's captaincy, Jadeja played a crucial role in lifting the U-19 world cup 2008 at Malaysia.
3) Forget not about the IPL, playing for Rajasthan in first season. Jaddu played to his potential to help Rajasthan to score a debut title.

Irrespective of all his merriest achievements.
He is the most trolled player on social media, The latest victim for bandwagon.
But none knows the ORIGIN of his name :P 

So if you know the answer, please make a comment :D


  1. Somwhere in the net, I read about his humble background and how he has managed to fulfill his mother's deathbed wish that he get selected into the Indian cricket team. The jokes I enjoyed earlier makes me feel guilty.

  2. But R Jadeja has enough good performances(bowling & fielding) to live off the fame for the moment. Still he has to show his batting skills in International arena and his bowling skills in the green wicket remain to be tested. Lets hope for the best.

  3. I had this question too in my mind. I even asked it to some of my friends ( the cricket freaks) but nobody cared to answer or find out. So it is a mystery still. Agar pata chala to will let ya know, you do the same :P

  4. He is turning out to be a great asset to the Indian team. RR is my favorite team in IPL and I have always supported him under Warne's captaincy. I guess the people who ridiculed him on Twitter are deleting all their old tweets about him. :P

  5. Maybe this link will answer it


  6. if some body known the answer pls tell me?


  7. 2 runs needed of 1 ball to win the match...Match won with 1 ball left... :O

    Sir Ravindra Jadega has once again left us speechless...


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