12- A Taxonomy Of Guys

After a successful (which means no backlash) for the post "12- A Taxonomy Of Girls"
I would like to extend my service for my own community. Coming up next in the arena its "12- A Taxonomy Of Guys." 
I confess that I don't practice psychology or Physiology :P and whatever written here is just on a funny note.

All characters mentioned here are on Imaginary basis, not to hurt any soul even in MARS ;)

1)  Sir Alex Ferguson- According to these bunch of guys, they are the roman god for Football. These self acclaimed football fanatics would never give a damn for what's going on in their home but these people are so so much obsessed on following(idolizing) a game happening far away from their home. These guys would intentionally involve themselves in either defending an Argentinian player or accusing a Portuguese player. If you go to their Face book page, their cover photo, display image and perhaps their underwear would also symbolize some football club. Because they want the world to know that they are superstars in following football.

2) Johnny Bravo- As the name suggests, The very existence of such guys in social media or anywhere could only be felt after seeing their comments on a girl's picture, status or whatever a girl updates. According to them, they can attract all kind of girls. Confident boys with extravagant womanizing skills(at times they succeed else SLAP).

3) Mounmohan Sing- Should I explain further? such guys are gift for Women fraternity, you scold him, slap him and praise him, their reply will be the same for all kind of inputs.
Teek Hai :P

4) Digvijay Singh- These guys would pose like an IRON MAN, they would try express some strong comments on a sensitive issue. But, whatever comes out of their mouth goes funny. Even if they say something serious, it would go as funniest joke ever heard.

5) Goswami- 'Still you have not answered my question Mr.Mukherjee' 'The whole nation is waiting for your answer'. Remember such phrase ?
If there comes a time when you would feel that being a dumb is better, that could be possibly the time you converse with such guys. They never let you talk neither argue but all they need is an answer. Such guys are made to host 24X7 talk shows.

6) Eminems- You can spot such guys in public transport. Headphones, funky t shirts and nodding their heads for freak beats. Posters everywhere in their room, some freaking hairstyles and all that they breath would be some alien songs. According to them they are Eminem and Ice cube.

7) Kalams & TATAs- ENDANGERED SPECIES. Good guys are always tough to find, with a benevolence in heart and a smile in face. Even white crows can be spotted, tough to find such handsome guys. 

8) Superman- As you guess, these superman's would sport a typical outfit. Half of them wanna display that they bought a jockey underwear for 500 bucks or much more. Most of such idiots by adding fuel to the fire, wears a contrast pant and thereby entertaining everyone.

9) Rahul Gandhis- 
Q- "Do you have license?"
Ans- "Mere paas maa hai"
q- "Did you do your home work?"
Ans- "Mere paas maa hai"
I have a friend in this category, without his mom's nod he wont come out to play or hang out.
I pity at a poor girl :P

10) Pink Floyds-
No no, these guys are not rock stars. These guys have some pink in their blood. You can find them gossiping about some unnecessary stuffs, probably watching soap operas and weeping all the day and some hysterical laughs as that of an actress in their face :PWhy not, can find a dazzling nail polish in their fingers ? Probably, powerpuff girls sticker in their room. Intricate womenarisms would be pursued by them ;)

11) Salman Khans- These guys have got nothing to do with Salman Khan, just a name to indicate their flaunting character. If they are watching a match, they would pour some bull shit which they don't even follow. Finally, even if these guys gotta take call for peeing, they would tag them in a Facebook check in.

12) Lallu Yadavs- What to say about these guys, extraordinary sense of humor can make you smile at any position. if you jave such friend who would insult himself for cracking an awesome joke, i confess that you are damn lucky to have such one in your group. Wherever these guys go, they grab a bunch of people with their humorous attitude. 

Finally done with the 12, you scold me or slap me but please don't ask which category i FALL in to :)
Take it on lighter note and do check this 12 Taxonomy.


  1. Ofcourse DK, Everyone wants to know in which category do you fall????

  2. Cool one - tongue in cheek as usual.

  3. Nice read :-) I liked the Jonny bravo description. And I went over to the other post again :-)

  4. Even I want to know which category do you fall? Mix of all :)

  5. Hahaha...Awesome classification ;)

    Village Girl

  6. I guess, you should have added one more category. Totally, 13 category. Mister Deepak Karthick falls under NO.13, an unique category which is unnamed and unmentioned here out of his modesty!! :P

  7. unique taxonomy !
    good one
    Know all the categories :D

  8. Nice classification of the men folk.

  9. Loved this post...fantabulous and one of the amazing reads in latest time. Great job!


  10. :D As usual, I laughed looking at the monitor, fortunately mom was not near by to scold!


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