Scrutinizing The Scraps - I

Protests everywhere.
Protests for passing a bill, protests not to pass a bill, protests against protest and protests for protests.
Finally, What's the very purpose of such protests?
As quoted in a Robin Sharma's book 

"It is just like dying to have a long journey in a sports utility vehicle but with zero amount gas in it."

Problem with Indians is not the deficiency of wit and capability to solve, it exists only with the way of handling an issue. Instead of increasing our productivity for 100 bucks we would import goods for 200 bucks. This is the lone problem India faces in each and every issue.

Sensible protests, do we have any ?
It took years for our forefathers to get rid of the white folks from our soil. We can repeat such successful attempts only if we have PERSEVERANCE.
Of what use is the stuff like using high class vocabulary to display an issue in the social networking sites? So is that all for the 
 sake of gathering likes and getting shares.
If so, It is shameful than committing a crime.

Time and again, as an unfortunate gruesome incident occurs, our people tries to vomit their inward feelings in the form of texts.
At end of the day, people likes and praises the author and the story ENDS there.
It never takes a step beyond that. Even with the great journalists, their thesis on a striking issue just goes with the paper and air.

My sincere requests to great groups and sites with classic bloggers accommodating it.
This is no trending topic to have a marathon of posts.
Lets behave little matured and not only on the incidents of sexual crimes, there are plenty more worrisome acts grilling India.

If we need a change and a full stop for the issues, showcasing our rage would never solve our worries.
Unfortunately we are in a republic nation.
Eyes on elections but do we have any potential Politicians ????

To be Continued.... 


  1. true... completely agreed .. trending topics ??? I mean humanity is sold and re sold .. the media chaps .. they doing business.. the online communities and forums making an issue of a sincere crap.. rage and all is not going to work out !!
    more than abcd .. and 123 we need to be taught humanity since we are 3 ...else bring pure talibanism ... catch those ass%&#$% and kill them in public as brutally as possible !!!

  2. Good start, will wait for the next part.
    PS: This is a blog post too :) I am sure many others have the same intentions - whether it be to vent the anger, frustration or to try and make a difference one word at a time.

  3. after long visiting ur blog,.. nice post!... :)

  4. Let me argue for those who text in high class English for the sake of likes and shares. Personally, I don't let lose any rhetoric because what you have said here is exactly what I feel also. I dont think there is any point discussing these things while you sit in your safe bubble, cut off from the real issues.

    But, as I said, let me argue in favor of those who merely text.

    What is the alternative? Get into the streets and carry out live protests? Candle marches? What?

    Do you not feel helpless? I do. I don't know what to do. Because you see, I cant put my own life on hold (which is what is needed) and get involved in a fight which I think is mine to fight... but not alone. And alone is what I am. That's what breaks my resolve.


  5. True. Very very True. I totally agree with you. I've seen people talk with so much passion about a cause and then it just seems to vanish away. People here just think holding protests and addressing media would get them what they want, but they seem to have forgotten about perseverance. Good post.


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)