3 kinda people in Facebook

There are only 3 kinda people in your Facebook friend list
1) People who likes your update but never 'LIKE' it because they don't like you.
2) People who always 'LIKE' your updates (without even understanding it) just because they like you pretty much.Finally
3) People who likes both your updates and yourself but never hit a 'LIKE' just because they don't LIKE 'you' going popular with their friend list.
P:S- A specific breed is there who never 'sign' in to FB and who always stay offline in chat, updates can be seen once in a blue moon and they say they created FB profile for socializing.
Bwahahahaha :D


  1. Now...now, where do I stand, Deepak! Just thinking....*grumpy*

  2. Oh that was damn true and hilarious ;)

  3. then there are those who like and then unlike. I have asked all my friends whether they have actually read my posts. They say they did but most of the likes are for the sake of competition. Who likes first! :)

  4. well a new tribe is coming up !!
    people who dislike your updates !!

  5. Good beginning. I always wonder why it is termed as 'social media' when people keep on sharing everything (well, almost everything!!) personal on it!!


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