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Three laws of robotics as prescribed by Isaac Asimov 

1) Robot should not injure human being even through it's inaction.
2) Robot should obey the orders given by human beings except the orders conflicting with the first law.
3) Robot must protect its own existence without conflicting the above two laws.

These ethics sound so cool for the 'Robots' which can be in no way a threat to the human beings, as i was watching my super star's 'Endhiran-2010' film, Chitti(robot) would perform an operation perhaps performs treatments on a woman suffering in labor pain. Finally it comes out in flying colors by saving both mother and child, can that be possible in future ?
Well, to be frank decades back telephones and cameras are two different entities and our folks never expected them to exists together to solve their purpose.
Similarly, decades after who knows we can have an hospital entirely run by the robots and just monitored by humans as we do with the CCTV footage.

Let it be, lets talk about some history now...
I am a sincere believer in 'SIDDHARS' than gods, Siddhars are said to be the intellectual saints who can perform all the miracles from medicine to tele-transmission and time travelling.

To be honest, they are the pioneers in medical field and what happened to the medicine system as prescribed by them to solve the complications on today's world ?
We the human being eyes currency in every good/bad practices, which made the system developed by the Siddhars to fall under scanner since so many bogus people are trying to utilize the name of Siddhars to earn in bunch.


I have read in few books that centuries ago there was a practice in Tamil Medicine where people would soak rice in medicinal extracts from plants before injecting the rice in to person's body. Though the use of rice as injection in ancient world was uncertain, if practiced without proper steps it would be a dangerous method to treat complications.
Centuries ago, the lifestyle of people were so different and there were plenty of diseases which makes people to die at the age of 60 or before however few strong bodies surpassed hundred years of age and still some continues the feat.

If we raise a question, Will the same practice will be enough to save lives of today's and tomorrow's ? Probably NO would be the majority of answer. 

I guess so, we develop and shape our self according to the situation.

Coming back to our topic, ROBOTS as DOCTORS.
Well according to the internet "
The da Vinci robot, a system that allows a surgeon to work across the room from a patient while directing robotic arms via controls and a video display. It received FDA approval in 2000 as the first comprehensive robotic system for laparoscopic surgery. "
Quite promising for the topic that we were discussing at the start :D


Modern day healthcare equipped with robots are dealing as many as 5 major fields in Medical world and more in research laboratory awaiting a human's nod.
According to me, Robots are the future humans if they are fielded in Medical world.
Though there exists some struggles as it exists in all fields, if the struggles are battled by the strongest, sharpest human minds. Robots can play a crucial role in Touching the lives of Humans.

Considering the growing population and evolving diseases, Robots with better precision can certainly be a groundbreaking invention to deal the piling diseases and patients. Besides, more training programs and training institutes to sharpen the minds must be pursued to add Elixir to the metals. One such institute I am aware of is Apollo institute of Robotic Surgery at ChennaiIf and only if awareness on trying to shift the medical practices to advanced level is followed, we can find the freedom we long for better living and worry free lives scrapping the scare raised by the man-killing diseases and that's make it perfect to write 'health is wealth.'
Only two fields after the evolution of man kind has witnessed drastic development,
2)Health sector

The first one facilitates people to connect people apart from boundaries which is quite essential and the latter one is helpful to deal the complication in facilitating contact between the organs concealed in our body limit.
Without the proper working of communication between our organs, no other communication can neither be received nor be transmitted at ease.

However, there should not be any compromise in precision or care shown by the machines to save the lives. Such technologies can save hundreds of lives and the cost of such treatments would certainly be costly to treat all souls. If the precision factor and cost factor are properly dealt with the Robotic Surgeries, am 200% sure. More lives can be saved at less pressure.

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