DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing in this blog post are fictitious. Any resemblance to the dead, imaginary and even to the real personalities including the aliens based at Mars, Europa and beyond the galaxies are (KENTT - Shudh Pani) purely coincidental.
                                           " MEIN KAISA MAR GAYA
                                                        - What the funk ???

This blog post is a based on a true love story which took place at the heart of the Dolakpur town in Chotta Bheem state and exactly as the clock strucked 25:00 hours on February 30, 2013.

Ahditya Kashyap: Gheet, I am so sorry... I should not have left you just like that.

Gheet Dhillon: Do you know Tommy ? the stray dog on my street end, today it went berserk and scared the Bumbleema aunty (Laughs hysterically). Arey, i forgot to tell you about Bumbleema aunty, Bumbleema aunty is Dumbleema aunty's elder sister's son in law's cousin's mother in law's sister who really don't like Tommy. Got it ? Ok, tell me now what was that you were talking about and why sorry ???

Ahditya: FORGET IT and you sound so dull, what happened Geet ?
(Dull ? Audience found scratching their heads)
Gheet: heyyy, I totally forgot to complete the Bumbleema's Dumbleema aunty story, achcha listen...On...
(Ahditya interrupts)
Ahditya: Listen Gheet, if you are keep on talking like this probably we will be completing the film only after its 8th part, so cut it short...

Gheet: OK ! I am upset because that idiot corrupted my heart and cheated me.
Ahditya: Which idiot ? and corruption ? there are plenty. which one ? you mean 2G? Common Wealth? Coal Gate? Chopper scam?

Gheet: You stupid, I was talking about Anshuwoman. I have told you na, the guy whom i loved during the college days.
Ahditya: I believe it must be in plural form, 'GUYS'?

Gheet: Yes, it was some 5-10 guys. As 99% percent of them ran away before I introduce myself, Anshuwoman is the only guy who was hearing all my words for weeks.
Ahditya: Oh just weeks (mind voice: probably it was his ear phones which saved him)

Ahditya: So what happened now?
Gheet: That idiot cheated me, he promised that he will marry me, but now he says that he cannot marry me as his dad sold him for better price to a business magnate's daughter.

Ahditya: Phew and he survived (Headphones must have committed suicide.)
Gheet: Ahdi ? You there ? reply, else i will start the marathon on Bumbleema's dumbleema aunty.
Ahditya: In a span of micro seconds with scared tone (I ammm Hearinggg everythinggggg....)
Gheet: Hmm...

Ahditya: Lets call him up and scold him real bad.
Gheet: Good idea, but you call him and put him in a conference call.
Ahditya: (As expected) OKAY SURE !!! (anything to avoid the speech on Bumbleema)
Gheet: It's ringing...
Ahditya: I have ears, they are not dead yet.
Tring Tring....
Ahditya: Hello Anshuwoman?? Gheet wants to have some words with you.
Anshuwoman: Oh Plzz don't dooo....
Gheet: Halo Anshuwomen!!!!!!

Anshuwoman: haha, i was Missing you Gheet and I am glad that you spoke. Was that Ahditya ?
Gheet: Yes, he is...
Anshuwoman: (I will kill him if i happen to seem him) Tell me Gheet whatsapp? but please not about the Bumbleema aunty again.

Gheet: I wanted to tell you something...
Anshuwoman: Anything but please not about Bumbleema aunt's story please, i beg you.
Gheet: hahaha. Youuu Bosstarddddd... You bloody black hole...
Anshuwoman: huh, excuse me ? Gheet ?

Gheet: you son of a witch and father of a pitch. You will leave me at the restaurant without paying the bills and you expect me to clean the tables for what I had there ?
Gheet: You are the loser, know why ? because i will not share you anything about my bumbleema aunt's story.

Anshuwoman: (Mind voice: Thank god) but Gheet sorry...
Gheet: You will rot in the IRCTC website at all the time while booking a ticket. you are such a pathetic black hole and FUNK you Anshuwoman.
Anshuwoman: huh ? Gheet ? you are talking too much. Can you give back the money i spent for recharging your mobile ? Gheet ?

Gheet: I feel so relaxed Ahdi.. Thank you so much, I don't know what to gift you, probably Dumbleema aunty's story ?
Ahditya: Awwwwww.... Gheet, its ok. Thank you so much... (Phew)
GheetL I wanna tell you something Ahdi.

Ahditya: Go ahead Gheet (Horn sound at closer distance)
Gheet: I love you so much than bumbleema, dumbleema and the Tommy on my street.
I love you Ahditya and waited for this day to break it.
Dhoom, Damal (pounding noise)

Gheet: Ahdi ? you there ? Something broken?


Camera Shifts to Ahdi's location:SUSPENSE MUSIC and ULTRA SLOW MOTION
(Even Gheet was found slower while talking)

Ahdi was found unconscious lying in a pool of blood and the sign board said "AVOID USE OF MOBILE WHILE DRIVING."

Gheet still believes that Ahdi would come back some day to hear the rest of the Dumbleema Bumbleema's story.

Anshuwoman is settled in his life and works as a butler in a Diary milk (he just hates 5 star) hotel.

MORAL:Though Ahdi was saved from Bumbleema, Dumbleema aunties boring story he was not lucky enough to save his life (plz keep your face sad)
He has been transferred to the heaven as a reward for his patience and holding the world record for staying in a relationship with Gheet for more than a week. Ignoring the warning signs have just costed Ahdi's life. 
This is "Mein Kaise Mar Gaya' story of Ahditya Kashyap who lost his life while talking(seldom he talks but always hears) to Gheet Dhillon over the phone.
 'Never ignore the warning signs provided before you' is the moral of the story conveyed by Ahditya Kashyap and never have an over talkative partner can also be considered as the moral number 2.

Ahditya Kashyap's official entry for the Indiblogger and Colgate "The Moral of the Stroy is..." Contest :D Click 'em if you wish to contribute your moral :D 


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