Cotton Targets and Sensational Stuffs

For Media they are just another news.
For Opposition party they are a weapon to disrupt the Parliament.
For Ruling party they are nightmare.
For Cops, they are happenings.
For Social media they are sensational topic.
For Criminals they are cotton targets.

What are they ?
Crimes against women.
Though we call our nation as mother land and despite the fact that the powerful, witty and beautiful women of the world are also existing within our boundaries. We fail to respect and groom the qualities in them.

Well there can be two reason for the increasing crimes against
1) Lack of morality in the people committing crimes against the women.
2) Lack of proper laws and protection for the women.

We have laws but least implemented.
We have women but often targeted.
My personal opinion for a problem to tackle the wolves from attacking a herd of lambs are
1) Quarantine the wolves or crush them to death.
2) Keep the herds away from the reach of wolves.

Instead of doing any of the above, there is no use of yelling at the wolves for tampering your lambs.
You must understand the fact that either we must kill the wolves or keep us away from the reach of wolves.

But i still contradict my statement, How about the case of 5 year old recently assaulted sexually. She neither went out to pub with her boy friends
nor wore a provoking dress. Such shameful incidents are keep happening. Laws are there and probably not strict. Cops are there and probably not so efficient.
Writers are there and possibly more efficient in just writing articles.

Where we are heading to ?
No one knows.
But what it is implying ?
Everyone knows that these incidents are not a constructive sign for a developing nation.

From Sexual harassment to kidnapping women, most of the crimes involves liquor factor in it. Make a law that people with drinking habit should go home than to any other recreational places. 
Drugs and drinks puts people in inebriated state and let them rock roll with their dirty minds.
I am not 100 % sure. but restricting the inebriated people to board public transport can help to limit the crimes committed against women at public places.

Of all, how many of us are ready to stand up for in support of a woman being targeted by some wolves in public places.
We are scared of families and the aftermath of our support tendered for the victim and so on the police disturbances.
All that we do is talk and write.
Is there something sensible that we can contribute ?
I am sure of myself standing first against such crimes against women and if everyone of us swears and if we are ready to implement it, the harassment may not be eradicated but certainly it can be minimized.
Next time when someone tries to commit a crime, he will DEFINITELY think of an ensuing reaction coming from the public.

Lets try to work on....
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