India in Search of an Opponent...

Since our country is a cricket fanatic/lunatic nation, i would like to 
relate the essence of this post through the language of cricketers in lines.

Would you love to watch a match between India and Pakistan in a full packed stadium or are you a sort of person who prefers to enjoy a match between India and Canada in a lone room and in mute mode?Probably, people who loves tranquility may prefer the latter one.How about die hard cricket fans ?
That's it.  A game be it football or hide and seek, a play without a proper, equal and mighty opponent holds no value neither to watch nor to play.

This is the simplest way to explain the situation of Indian political system 
at the national level. Monopoly in Indian politics is what happening in India for past few years other than family rule. If you are letting a thief to loot again and again, there exists no sense on blaming the thief with 100% mistakes deposited at your side.

It is not fair to compare Indian politics with any other nation, just for comparison sake, take Indian and American political parties. Though our laws are not against multiple party system, say third front, fourth front and it goes on. It is not a sin to have multiple parties but of course it is a sin to field 10 soldiers in an open field against a F-18 fighter jet on air.
As i was watching the face off between Advani and Modi, all that i can relate to would be two wise men fighting for a chair that they never have.

If at all no proper strategies are drafted to form a strong yet sensible opposition party in India, Am pretty sure that the development factors would not take a huge deviation in coming years but leaving the country with more scams to be unearthed.
Change is inevitable they say but with poor political parties with 
only intention to disrupt the parliamentary houses, the CHANGE we long for CAN BE and BETTER BE POSTPONED.

What are all the options left for BJP to behave as an opposition party ? 

#- They must come out of their religion based existence (which is pretty meek)

$- Form a good coalition with the regional parties, if you check the southern states including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra regional parties such as DMK, ADMK, TDP plays a great role in deciding the nation's fate.
*- Better poll strategies but certainly not the YATRAS which simply 
reflects 'Hinduism.'

I am not justifying that BJP would form a better party, I am just opining that leaving a person for more hours at podium will give him a feel of doing anything to everything at any cost either good or bad.

Opposition parties in India are seen as disruptive packs in a house. From hosting war or words show to ugly manhandling stuffs.Today's ruling party does it again when they find themselves at opposition side and similarly the ruling would blame it upon the opposition for spoiling the bills from passing.
Do you think that these are new stuffs ?

Time and again it happens.

India is in desperate need of a political party which shall not only lead a good government but also in desperate need of an opposition party for smooth functioning of the country.

Will that dream come true ?
Will India see a equally fit opponent ?
Lets wait and watch 2014 Elections...
We have nothing in our hands but VOTES.


  1. well I really hope the nation understands this need for change and get's a new ruling party

  2. However hard they try, the BJP will never win a total majority like the Congress did in 2009... which is why they'll never be able to implement major policies. And if the Congress loses this election and ends up in the opposition, watch how sour an opposition they'll be...

  3. Lets hope for the best. Indeed a good post.

  4. @SuKupedia ™ :) :) well but am afraid that we are far away from to reach that consensus :(


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