Meaningful Slaps...

'Why not a low cost sanitary napkin for my wife?'
It all began with this line.
Keep your 'pads on' and lets thrive ahead at top speed.

Forget the powerful ideas, forget the investments, forget a better tomorrow and  finally forget the lucrative prizes.
There are plethora of inspirational videos from the minds whose thoughts just dwell out of the box. But my eyes resist to move away from a man who slapped people just like nailing the rivets right in to their nerves. Yes, there were people and there are people who I always wanted to slap.
That slap doesn't necessarily intend to slap the cheeks or punch the bellies but to prove that they are wrong by displaying something which has been ear-marked as IMPOSSIBLE and ridiculous. 

1) Meaningful SLAP number 1

Ever since I was taught about the proverbs and their meanings,
I remember my teacher had told me and also the Google search displays me a proverb stating 'Necessity is the mother of invention.'
Where comes a necessity there comes an invention to quench the needs- it says.

Why should a man invent a sanitary pad which is exclusively used by a woman?
This is certainly not in the bag of his necessities.
Then why should he do it ?

1) We say, Indian men are CHAUVINISTIC.
2) They never help their woman to achieve their dreams.
3) Forgetting their father few women say  'Most of the men i met are like this, like that.'
4) Male dominated society, hell with you - they say.
5) Women are better managers but men never gives a shit about us- they say.

I agree that those are happening but I am afraid that you should not have termed as men in common as we have a man and much more real MEN who are concerned about the plights of their women.
Talks later,
Now come one people, stand in a queue.
We have a meaningful man to present a meaningful slap for you.
The man who changed the lives of many women through creating job opportunities and forget not he had also provided and providing SANITARY NAPKINS at cheapest possible price for a healthy life alike the women in higher societies.

2) Meaningful SLAP number 2

'Hey dude, can you speak some proper English? because i can't understand your English.'
'Your writing style lags grammar in it, look at the words. i just wasted my time by reading your junk' 
'Go learn grammar.'
and they call themselves GRAMMAR NAZIS.
They can even accept a man raping a woman in broad day light but cant tolerate a man using wrong grammar at wrong place.
I was a rookie blogger by 2008.
I faced plenty of negative comments which certainly hurts me because i used a poor language to convey my opinions and i accept even now i do.
Few experienced and aged bloggers by then just displayed their wrath on me for killing English. Everyone learns at every part of their time, you need to say the proper words at proper time and at proper place.
your intentions can be worth hearing but not the side effects of your genuine intentions.

'What we must infer is taste of the words used. What we must read and hear is the INFORMATION and MESSAGE passed on. Of course poor language irritates us and probably overturns the message, why don't you give them a fair chance to learn in private than abusing PUBLICLY ?'

People you tot form a queue as soon as possible to receive the slaps from the man who got a standing ovation from a crowd packed with bureaucrats and graduates with cracking lingusitic skills. It may be noted that the man is an uneducated villager (which he terms as ineducated). By hitting a person at his head for his mistakes in public, every time you are nabbing such a man with a brilliant potential.  

Who is he ? What he did ?Arunachalam Muruganantham, a rural man formerly employed as a helper in a workshop but now an entrepreneur he who had designed, created and experimented a sanitary napkin for women at cheapest cost but which he had also tested it on himself and finally succeeded by bringing a change in lives of plenty of women of which most are rural people.
'This part of his life, he calls it as MEANINGFUL life.'

Interestingly, a man who tried to bring a change for women also faced criticism and divorce threats from his own wife for indulging himself in what it was considered as 'disgusting' act even by women of his family. He answered everyone with a low cost equipment which can able to manufacture sanitary napkins at cheapest cost and also ensure hygiene along with job opportunities for bunch of women.

What's so special in his talk ?

He just came in, conquered the stage (which few call as poor grammar) and explained his roadway to success. Which just received a token of appreciation as STANDING OVATION (which is not even 1% worth of what he contributed to society.)
In a line the video on his speech says 'A rural man against all odds from a society including women managed to empower women from root stage through his meaningful cause.'

I have a seen a show on his work in a Tamil news channel long time before even he got the recognition for his hard work.
He painfully said, 'I faced the wrath of my wife, yes the same women for whom I was spending my hard work and passion in all these years. '

We the people are doing it for long time, we say India need entrepreneurs but we hardly encourage the emerging people. Despite the odds, very few people reached the victory lane and few were beaten to mud by our stupid attitude including finding mistakes and claiming pride by pointing them at PUBLIC.  

Next time when you are finding anyone with any percent of potential to bring a change in the society, it would great if you don't encourage or support them but it would wonderful if you don't discourage them from proceeding towards their goal.

What this meaningful man taught me is, Whatever it takes...
Go for your dream, don't stop till you quench it. Whatever comes in your way, find a solution to beat them off.
Wanna watch how this man designed a meaningful life ?
then please...

I am glad that I have helped at a minute level by writing about him to accomplish his dream '100% Napkin using nation.'

Watch rest of the story-
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