How Bolywood Works ?

They call it as world's movie capital and also produces a plethora of movies (most of them are dumb.)

In my little experience, world's best marketing guys are not with Mckinsey or not with any other world's best consulting firm but with BOLYWOOD.These guys would advertise toothpaste to condoms and these guys would perform lungi dance to pole dance for the sake of familiarizing their film.
India is neither USA nor CHINA. We have countrymen who do not know each others languages but we have foreigners who can converse easily with us in our own regional language.
Ex. Singapore and Sri Lanka, where people can speak Tamil fluently.
Say Pakistan and Punjab, where few can converse Punjabi likewise.
With a country like this, we must be aware that our actions can hurt feelings of our brothers living at various quarters of the nation.

But few idiots also fondly called as arse holes in the name of FREEDOM, making some mockeries pertaining to specific set of people.
I am certainly not comfortable with it, cal me whatever, but these son of biscuits are ruining the unity !

Chennai Express (Which should have been named as UTOPIAN express)
In Tamil Nadu, everyone eats Idli for breakfast.
In Tamil Nadu, All are dark.
Everyone wears dhoti and all angry guys.
Equipped with sickle and speaks poor English and Poor hindi.
No policeman but only Gundas rule.

One part of country will see hero using Nokia Lumia and on the other hand, people at south will stop trains at their required place and as they wish.
They throw TTR outside and all will pose with ashes in their heads.
Everyone is muscular, dusky and in dhoti would run a little government with them.

I did not even enjoy a percent of the film,
Director has the same potent to make a film on SHIV SENA ?
Hell NO.

Because they are at heart of the MUMBAI CITY.
You fellows would fall at their legs  for the sake of releasing your idiotic film.


  1. And this movie is box office hit. Stupid movie, even I didn't watch it. :-)
    Okay , on serious note,each place and the people residing there have their own identity.In this era of connectivity , its not difficult to know and understand about the people residing in different places and their custom , traditions etc. I wonder why don't these movies depict all South Indians as mathematicians and scientists, by having the examples of Srinivasa Ramanujan or Dr APJ Abdul Kalam :-)

  2. Dear Deekay,

    I am no fan of Rohit Shetty and his brand of brain less comedies, but still i wanted to check what he has to offer and believe me I am not surprised by the style of movie making or the way the story unfolds or anything related to script, acting ...blah blah...what surprises the heck out of me is the amount of moolah this express has been racking in at the Box Office...Whenever I conveyed my impression that CE is nothing but just making fun of the Madrasis, I am asked how come the movie is setting new collection records and even running to packed houses in Chennai (I Dunno that)....

    See, our Indian sense of humor is mostly cliched and typecast and targeted at specific culture and community, (santa & banta jokes for eg), I have become sort of adjusted to that stuff, but this CE becoming a big blockbuster is something I am not able to digest, believe, and even think about !!!

    Btw, Deekay, nice reading your blog,

    Your namesake


    Please check out my Independance Day Rant :)

  3. I am personally a big fan of SRK and it really feels bad when people curse him for mocking Tamilians but should accept the truth nah? Well, Rohit Shetty is a really witty director "Golmaal Trilogy" is a really good example. I don't know why they screwed up big time with the CE movie, sadness for me is not seeing them mock us. It is seeing our own people enjoying the movie!

    I kinda was okay with the movie but to your hatred list lemme add few more points;

    1. All tamil girls don't expose the bosom like Deepika did.
    2. We don't use eeeee ooooo like a porn star in our hindi slang.
    3. We don't dab on powder to look like light emitting diodes


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