Aahmeer Khan: Bro, My mom's birthday is nearing and I should gift her something better...
Shahrook Khan: Cool Macha, So where you gonna buy and what you gonna buy ?

AK: Well, Flipkart ? Zovi ? or eBay ?
SRK: Ok and what you gonna buy dude ?

AK: How about a leather hand bag Mama ?
SRK: Machi perfect da, but why purchasing it online ? 

AK: Dai, I am in Mumbai and mummy at Chennai, do you expect me to book tatkal ticket for Chennai Express ? and that too with IRCTC website ? NEVER ! 
SRK: Valid point..

AK: I zeroed up to this bag, Check this link and let me know.
SRK: Ah Ahmir, Honestly I won't buy this since i do not know how it feels and what kind of material bhaiya, will that be heavy to lift or soft to handle, Kya feel ????

AK: (Mind voice-Well, this guy at times thinks pretty well)
Rook Bhaai, You have just opened my eyes. 

and now I am booking a ticket for Chennai Express.

SRK: Aww... That's good Aahmeer bhai.
(Mind voice-Don't overestimate the power of online shopping)


This is no funny conversation and as a matter of fact, probably many people known to us are just skipping online shopping just because they were denied a fair chance to feel the material of the particular product and an opportunity missing to select from wide range of products as showcased at malls.

Well in case if people are avoiding shopping online for a reason, that could certainly be the non availability of an option to surf in wide range of products and pick the best one to feel handy, yes that "feel" is missing.

"Tactile Sensation"
Definition as per wordnetweb: 
sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin.Though virtual shopping is now a well known technology, the experience of shopping from Chennai with your friends from Mumbai, Singapore and Delhi by putting all you guys in an virtual mall and giving you freedom to observe wide range of products ?
That's awesome.
How about giving freedom for the shoppers to feel the material of the product ?
Like, how it would weigh while wearing ? How light the material is ? and How soft the silk is ?
If we can provide them this combo pack, I must say that would be a groundbreaking technology.
For sure, that technology gonna cost hell lot of money.
Accept or not, someday in calendar and some hours in clock, This technology would be achieved at any cost.

How about designing gadget like head belt to give feelings for your neurons about the touch of an imaginary object ? Having a database about all the physical feel of the objects and giving an option for the consumer to download them and feel through special made gadget ?
That must be awesome.

Well, if ask me to suggest such technology, I confess that I can only provide spark :D
Shopping by 2030, for sure it would be awesome and interesting if and only of the online websites provide as an opportunity to feel the wanna buy products.

The strong may or may not survive.
But the one, swift to either adapt self according to the changing environment or adapt the environment according to self can survive a lot better than what rest can.
By 2030, in case if you and me survive, lets see whether we can feel the touch of an object before placing the order or NOT !!!!

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  1. Lets hope ,, we will be able to feel the object which is on the other side of the sea

  2. True. That's one among the many reasons people avoid shopping online. The colour, the feel, the look without artificial lighting all matters.

  3. You post seemed like a tentative set of RTI questions for the year 2030. :)

    Arvind Passey

  4. @Gowardhan Doddi Lets hope :) True ! We cannot underestimate the marvel of technology :)

  5. @Ashwini C N Yeah, i missed that :D Color matters ! Thank you :)

  6. @Arvind Passey haha.. What does RTI has to do with my post ? Sarcasm at its worst :P Thank you...

  7. I'm waiting for such days to come...although I least prefer to buy online, but I surely want to see how they implement such technology... :P


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