New Age of Lame Marketing !

Well, I believe that all of us here have handsome wishes including to be a successful/happy person with whatever field we pursue.
In case if we wish to be a successful/happy man or woman, we definitely gotta market our skills perfectly and anyone who does not know how to convince his buyer with his skills (both employer or customer) can never ever be a successful person in either life or business.

Marketing is such an important stuff in the materialistic world. 
HOWEVER, overdoing at anything is as bad as not doing the same thing probably more worst than not doing  the same thing. As the pony tail guy says, "Good marketing can fetch success to bad products and vice verse."

In recent past, Facebook has become a place to churn fame over lame games.
"I did that..."
"I got this..."
"I am X, I am Y... I am Z..."
"I love Chelsea blah blah"
stop stop stop...

I certainly don't have any possible rights to question a person's passion or interest, but i believe few people are just doing few stuffs to exhibit that they love that stuff pretty much than anything else.

For example: There are people who passionately watches and worships EPl for a long period of time.
In recent past, few people just watches it to update their status to prove that they watch such costly stuff.

I must agree that everyone of us here have every possible character available in globe, I am a person who feels that only percentage and ratios of the virtues and traits would differ in every human being next to our individual finger prints.

Say, I have 'good' me within me say 30%, I have a 'bad' me within me say 30% and I have ego (20%) and I have narcissism (20%) and so on !!!
Alike all of us shall have all possible traits prevailing with humans.

How about advertising you so much in the social media and giving a chance for your friends to think about "ignoring" you ?
In my friend list, friends from all sort of ages and profession pursues this stuff by claiming lamest fame with their professions or whatever they do.

I agree all of us would have done this stuff at some part of time, but doing this for all around the week is something INSANE.
Say, you are writing a blog post,

Tagging all possible souls and asking them(pushing them) to post a comment can never be a sane stuff.
Similarly, calling yourself as SRK(who is yet another great marketing man) not on a funny note but on a serious note and clamoring for sugary praises ???

I wish i should have co existed with Facebook and the bureaucrats of past. Probably with Einstein or Gandhi or Thakur. I don't know how would they feel, but i can tolerate even if they are exaggerating and doing too much of marketing.
Tagging me to read Geetanjali ? I have no problems and so with theory of relativity.

By the way the social networking sites proceed,
No wonder if you witness such a status update in near future...
"I peed for the longest distance, I am a legend."
"I fart so loud than rest of the bitches in the room."

Facebook is a tool to interact and also to market your skills.
Facebook is certainly not a tool to market your skills and also to interact. 
Grow up kids !
Especially we the bloggers, going gaga over any possible thing on Earth.



  1. Spot on Deepak... 99% of the population gets the idea of sharing and marketing wrong. It's for this very reason that Twitter is much better to use than Facebook. Plus you can ignore people you don't get intrigued by.

    There are awesome marketers, speakers and intellectuals today also. Just that their voices have been drowned by the herd in this age of dominant social media.

  2. I am completing my 1000 tweets this month
    I have made 65 FB updates in just 3 hours
    I am preparing myself to go beyond

    I am legend

    I know this goes against exactly what you wrote but still I cannot deny that I am a legend. Only I dislike all my updates.

  3. @Vishal Kataria true that bro. diamond dulls and pebbles shine philosophy applies here ! Thank you for the read :)

  4. @Yatin Khurana Hey dear legend :D
    thanks for coming back after a long time !


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