A Suicide Mission !

Soldier 1: What's your guess ? What could be waiting for us there ? At the other end ?

Soldier 2: Mate, I don't have any guesses, you cannot guess something that you have never heard, seen or told of... can you ?

Soldier 3: Brothers, I am neither sure of our survival in this mission nor about meeting you brothers in the heavens at rest, but I would like you to know that I have always enjoyed your company at CLOUD NINE.

Soldiers: Same here fellas, to the death we shall DROP like anything!

Soldier 2: Alpha 2 Base !!! Prolific green fields at sight...
Soldier 3: Roger that.

Airman First class to all Droppers.
Estimated Time of Landing: 7... 6.... 5... 4...

Soldier 3: Dear Lord, forgive me for all my sins. If I am to die in this invasion, evaporate me back to my homeland, so that I shall fall for yet another time.

Soldier 2: I am going to make a landfaaa .... ....... (Beep)
Soldier 3: Soldier 2, you there ??? Are you wit.... .... ..... ... (Beep)
Soldier 1: I survived the fall, am over some leaf. I repeat, I survived the fall. Any droppers with me?

MISSION Accomplished !

Meanwhile, First generation humans in the virgin Earth were wondering about the tiny drops showering from the heavens. These primitive creatures without realizing the suicide mission of the rain drops with an objective to make the humanity SURVIVE, remain buzzed UNTIL they sip few droppers.

A little later, as the 'SUN' man visited the battle field with his temperate rays. Wishes of SOLDIER 3 was granted. yes, he was evaporated back to the clouds and he is all set for yet another suicide mission.

Pic: Hdwallpapers


  1. DAMN!!!! Your perception of these rain drops!! You kid would love this!! This dad telling him such stories :)


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