I am Kejriwal...

Well, It all began with a punch line ' I AM ANNA.' or whatsoever the vernacular language translates.

AAM ADMI PARTY (AAP) members, while staging an anti corruption movement, they sincerely and seriously stole my heart and so a million Indian's.
I felt like, I am so proud to have such Indians.
I decided to vote for them provided they turn themselves a political party,
Provided they field a candidate in my constituency.
I shared countless posts alike my fellow citizens acknowledging and spreading their commendable efforts seeking a change.

And now, on Valentines day I had my heartbroken.
Yes, I can hear you.

1) I am no Delhi citizen.
2) I have not stood in the queue to vote for a change.
3) I was not present in the myriad of Dharnas.

All the way, I was just a spectator and that's the very reason why I call myself as Kejriwal.

I had preferred to watch the happenings.
I stayed back only to pass my comments.
I have always complained and I continue to.
I know it is as easy as passing comments while watching the final over of a cricket world cup match than facing it on the ground as a player.

Summing it up, I wanted a CHANGE. I cried for a change. When I was given a chance to change, I CHANGED MYSELF.
Hence, I am Kejriwal.

You gave me a chance to change the system but I would like to be a complaint box.
I would like to be a Ravi Shastri with a mike instead of MS Dhoni with a bat.
I would like to be a informer but I don't like to be an Army Jawan.
I would like to be a printing press and not willing to be a proof reader.
hence, I am Kejriwal.

When AAM AADMI gives you an 'AAM.' Make use of it either as a mango juice or as a mango jam.
For god sake don't let it rot by staging a dharna.

I feel like being deceived though I am not a loser or also called as Delhi voter who had voted and awaited for change from the hands of AAP.
What you have done shall have the effects on whomsoever comes in future with a passion and zeal seeking a change in the system. Due to your works, that wanna be activist also going to suffer as people will say, 'Look, yet another Kejriwal.'


One of your party worker and the so called gonna be candidate against Rahul Gandhi, enjoyed racism by throwing mud at Kerala nurses.
And so your Minister, who was openly accused for being a racist while conducting RAIDS. And finally, he added that he is new to the field.

Whatever that had happened, It has given me a good insight.
I am not going to waste my Mango, instead I am going to give it someone who has the courage to do something good for the people by avoiding dharnas and making cities standstill every now and then.


Definitely not, corruption could be mother for many evils. Still, there are much murkierstuffs seeking sanitation.
And when you are given a chance to enter the system and when you are given a chance to change at least .01% of the system, why do you still prefer to be a common man who sits in front desktop and rants every day.
I am Kejriwal,
Because, I was not given an opportunity to change the system.
I am Kejriwal,
Because, I love only to complain like a kid, 'TEACHER, HE STOLE MY RUBBER.'.

What India and Indians desperately needs is not a school boy who keeps complaining and crying each day.
Instead India needs a grownup who wishes to give the change as much as he can.

You have simply wasted a golden egg, It is highly doubtful whether you shall be given yet another golden egg. Whatever happens, you always have your way, STAGE DHARNA.


  1. Kejriwal did quite much in the 49 days... Lack of political experience and lack of majority... well, lot of other factors combined...

  2. @Tomichan Matheikal Whatever it is, shall be termed as reasons.
    If he can do a lot in just 49 days, why he din't choose to stay in office and do aplenty more ?
    Was Janlokpal the only best thing that can be done as a CM ?

  3. If AAP chooses to be little less arrogant and bring down the 'messiah; attitude a bit and learn art of governance - then only it would be different. Otherwise we have only short lived 'third option'!

  4. This is what happens when a bureaucrat comes to power ( not my words..heard a news anchor saying that & I totally agree with that ) We have seen Manmohan Singh..he was a bureaucrat too. He simply obeyed orders from SG & RaGa !
    Kejriwal himself admitted that he was an anarchist..what to expect from him ?! Problem with Delhiites ( & Indians too ) is that they are fed up of this corrupt & paralyzed system & want a change ; so they voted for AAP without thinking of anything else !
    Very well written :)

  5. @aativas Very well said, they should be little arrogant than what they are now.

  6. True post, I find Kejriwal as a guy who lost against the tide. Like that player who played the game so fast to miss out the lives he had, killing the oppurtunity

    kudos DK


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