The Parallel Pitches

In the world's largest democracy, anyone to everyone can draw parallels between three most powerful fields of the nation. These three fields are immortally intertwined with money, power and fame. And at rare occasions few sting operation would expose the truth behind every colors but they shall fade as quick as they spread. 

If you are a citizen of the so called world's largest democracy, right now three words should have come out of your mouth. ' Politics, Cricket and Bollywood ' If your answers were wrong, its time for you to pack your baggage and also to find asylum.

No matter how infinitesimal or robust the parallels are, these three fields are omnipresent at podium. I would like to brag about one such,

If India and Indians, especially the Indians who dwell at the social networking sites are 'SO MUCH KEEN' on ditching a cricketing team captain for leading his 11 men team to quite a few losses abroad, then why these same so called 'CHANGE SEEKERS' show no interest on changing the lives of about 1.2 billion and counting people over their frustrated attempts on several such failures at the hands of incapable bureaucrats ???

Very interestingly as many knows and as few knows it without understanding the essence, Politicians stage dramas with their responsibilities at office and so the cricketers play politics with their games, and finally actors, actress harness their fans and turns as vote banks for making a foray into much bigger stage called politics. But all three fields are fueled pretty well by currencies. Of course am talking about the pebbles but certainly not about the few existed and existing diamonds at the box.

No matter how worse the situation goes, we can keep sharing status and we can an expertise advice as I just did.
Moreover, we the bloggers and we the social net-workers will be getting topics to blog about every now and then until the majority sector of the nation realizes what's going on.   



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