I Miss Her !

We are in a relationship for more than half-a-decade by now.
We never had a fight except during the times of troubled internet connection.
She never demanded me a thing, neither she frowned her face.
Of course, we both had struggled a big time while in the period of viral infections.

She nurtured me, she taught me words, she taught me how to write,

And of all, she gave me beautiful and talented friends.
I owe her on a large scale.
The kind of love she had and she have on me is what we call as an unconditional love.

Damn, I was an idiot all these five years.
I expected her to shower me more, I expected her to attract people for me.

I expected her to stay beautiful and stay same as she was in the beginning.
Neither she asked me a question nor refused to act for my commands.

In the midst of my negligence and laxness, she still supports me and acknowledges me.
My love, from my head to toe, I swear in the name of god,

You are the reason for what I am today.
You are the reason for the office I hold today.
You are the only person who reflected my vision without being doctored and the soulless soul that helps me to exhibit the few talents of mine.
But today, I am being swayed. I could not able to spend much time with you considering the chemistry we had in the past that envied half the keypad world..

I sincerely miss you.
I will find a way in the coming days to spend my hours for you, to beat out each other's loneliness.
Till then rest my love. Rest !

- I miss you my blog !

Beloved fellow bloggers,
My blog is not the lone thing am missing but also the post of yours.
I recall the days with Indiblogger, those memorable days, when I was fortunate enough to read the best posts that Indian blogosphere could ever see.
I am missing all those fun nowadays. 

Do not forget me :D
Pardon me if I am not consistent in reading post of yours, Will try to be back soon !


  1. Wow... Heart touching!!! Welcome back to the blogging... We missed her too ;) Keep blogging!

  2. nicely penned.. awesome:-):-)

  3. nicely penned.. awesome:-):-)

  4. nicely penned.. awesome:-):-)

  5. Deepak .. how are you .. remember me ..

    that is a lovely ode to YOUR BLOG, I am sure it loves you back tooo and misses you tooooooooooo


  6. @B.
    Bikrammmm Bhaaaai, how can someone even think of forgetting you ????
    Sure, I will be back soon.
    Missing your rib tickling posts as well :( All izz well :)

  7. I am sure your blog misses you too!! A break will strengthen the bond i am sure!! :)

  8. @Elvira Lobo(Elli) Very glad to see you here after a pretty long gap. Thank you Elvira :)

  9. Sigh!Most of us are now apologizing to our blogs for having ignored them for a while.

  10. Nice one Karthik..Take your time and come back..


Thanks a Ton for your words :) Keep visiting :)