TINSI- A Tale of Metal Hearts

Bob Dylan, a famous American Musician once said, 'What is money?, a man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.'

Bob Dylan is not alone, here comes my favorite actor Anthony Hopkins. Let's take a look at what Mr.Shining said, 'Passion is the genesis of genius.'

I know a couple of guys with whom I shared the 'Automobile Engineering' classes at SASTRA University, Thanjavur. When you have the passion glowing within, whatever comes your way to prevent you from achieving something shall find its place at graveyard. Similarly, these two guys are most active guys of the whole Mechanical Engineering class as these two boys would always have the answers for any question that our professor asks. So, I had this intuition that these guys gonna pursue something closely associated with Automobiles. As I guessed, the two guys YASH SRIVATSAVA and GOPAL KRISHNA from Uttar Pradesh are pursuing something often branded as 'ROCKET SCIENCE' among our society.

'What they have done?' is a question which should have been the most familiar question for Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and our own Flipkart's Bansals. Not just them, it ought to be the familiar question for anyone who staples his heart and body to a field he loves most and fights from anything to everything for quenching his dreams.

While watching the Formula 1 racing events, am not sure how many you had this though but I had and I still have it. 'Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes, Red Bull, Renault.... When shall we witness an Indian firm's name ?.'

Yeah, we do have Force India racing team. Kudos to them for familiarizing the sport in India. But apart from Karun Chandhok and Narain Karthikeyan, how many of our Indian names have surfaced in the event ? how many of our Indian manufacturers names have flashed in our televisions ?

It is not that we do not have the talents but the fact is, our talents are camouflaged by fear of failure, fear for family, and fear about society. Because of such fears, so many Einsteins and so many Rutherfords from India were reduced to ashes by terminating their lives as a peon in some government offices.

Unlike them, Yash and Gopal have initiated TINSI Race Cars for two reasons...
1) It's their passion and they are pursuing it.
They have the dream to change the way people and even Engineers look at Engineering. As one of my professor Mr.Pugazhendi always quote, 'Engineering is all about planning and execution.'

Here we go, a chit chat with the minds behind TINSI.

1) What is TINSI ?

Well, I hear you. So your thought process is going like this? , 'Even as our roads remain pathetic for commuting with a cycle, are you joking ? Racing cars in India ?. I can watch them in ESPN.'

If Vikram Sarabhai had such thoughts, there would be no ISRO and so no Chandraayan.
If  Abdul Kalam preferred not to take risks but to end up as a boat builder, we would have missed an inspiration.

Sending out a clear message to the society that there is nothing such called rocket science, TINSI was initiated with an aim to familiarize the least spoken topics of automobile and that is 'Racing Cars.'

"To eradicate this misconception, it is required to correctly train the young engineers, who are just going to step into the professional field. At present, even the dedicated Automobile Engineering courses in India are not providing the students with enough information about a lot of things which form the back bone of the entire vehicle behaviour. Modules like Vehicle dynamics, which are major topics of research in UK and Germany, are not discussed in an elaborate manner. This leads to a situation where a modern day student of India becomes an easy prey to the belief that what he/she learns in Engineering School will not be practically used in his/her professional life. It further leads to a lack of enthusiasm towards learning. 
Thus, to arouse among the young engineers, a passion for the real Automotive Engineering, TINSI has been launched. " as quoted by TINSI. 

In a nutshell, tell us what are you planning to convey through TINSI ?

"TINSI conveys to society and especially young minds to follow their hearts, to pursue something in life without which it is even difficult to breathe, to enjoy your work. A lot of youngsters come to TINSI asking what is good for their future or what will be the scope of the profession they pursue. This is a very serious situation. This kills new thoughts, new initiatives that have capability to take the civilization forward. The fear of failure has been infested so deeply in the hearts of youngsters that they are not ready to make mistakes. TINSI tells them it’s your life go get what you want. TINSI instills in young minds confidence to convert their hobby into their profession. 

TINSI believes that you are successful when your hobby becomes your profession because this journey, which is full of fears and situations that tear you apart, converts you into an invincible force which is ready to face any circumstances even outside your profession. TINSI conveys to youngsters that money and fame are the by-products of the work that you enjoy. Money and fame automatically follow you if you do what you love. "
Yash Srivatsava (Left), Gopal Krishna (Middle) with their beast.

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I am happy to share you a fact...
You know what, many of my Mechanical Enginner friends does not even have the faintest idea of  'How to change a flat tyre when stranded in a road and perhaps, half of them doesn't know HOW TO DRIVE A CAR.' But trust me, they are Mechanical Engineers. So it is evident that there is something very wrong with our Engineering curriculum, there is a difference between playing cricket and reading a book briefing the joyous moments of playing cricket. what we lack here is 'PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE!.'

How do you find the education system in India ? Especially the Engineering curriculum ?

"Education system in India since nursery is more syllabus oriented then Student oriented. It focuses more on completion of a particular syllabus in a class, rather then focusing on the development of students. So we think in schools, instead of covering syllabuses, students should be given opportunities to learn about every profession, so that they can get a feel of everything. They should be monitored and motivated towards pursuing the skill they are found best at. This is how you invoke hunger for skills in a kid, who can later become an expert professional. Every expert professional loves what he does and this love can be more passionate if it starts at a young age. How wonderful one will feel, if he/she starts something as a hobby and later forms a career out of it ? 
Therefore degree courses come later, firstly school education has to be changed. If the input (kind of students) to the degree courses will be good, then the things in engineering curriculum or any other degree curriculum will have to change, as weak trees cannot stand intense storms. "

Five years down the lane, where you see yourself and TINSI ?

"Five years from now we see ourselves having all the technical facilities for Research and Development in the field of Race Car Engineering. We also see ourselves technically sound and experienced to assist Indian Road Car Manufacturers towards implementing our Racing data in road car development, hence enhancing the safety levels of road cars and enhancing their dynamics and performance features, thus making them more accessible.

In parallel we would like to change the way people and even engineers look at engineering, as just a job oriented training. We would like to do that by setting engineers as examples in front of the society, for people to see the real role of an engineer in society building. "

As a classmate and as a person who admired you guys for following your passion, I wish you all the very best for your endeavors. I wish that someday I can proudly say by pointing my fingers at TV screen, 'Those guys standing nearby that bright racing machine and I were classmates.'

To know more about TINSI, Chk 
TINSI Facebook page- www.facebook.com/TinsiRaceCars?fref=ts

Hitting roads !

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