The Contagious...

There are several blog posts of mine that I wrote owing either to the compulsion of the people or succumbing to the tyranny of the time. But, many of the fewest posts that I pen down due to the impact caused by several occurrences deep down in my heart are either appreciated by my friends or left untouched and unused alike the public dust bin.

Cutting down the crap, here we go to the post...

                                                         " The Contagious "

Before I begin, trust me this post is not about EBOLA.
Over a period of time as humans rolled down the clock, some deadly diseases have always scared the shit out of the humans. Be it plague of the past or Ebola of the present or whatever disease that gonna threaten our humanity in the future.

Why is that only negative things are so contagious than positive things?
Why our happiness are not contagious ? or why not our love be contagious ?
Can they never be contagious ?
Not really, They CAN BE.
But we simply are so lazy to take initiatives...

Human beings have become so busy, the other day, I saw a man who is familiar to me got injured in an accident. All that I did was just stopped my bike and ran to rescue him. He gave me a smile and said that he is all right. I was not alone, there were people around him but all of them are people known to him.
It is HIGHLY unlikely for me to stop my vehicle if he was a stranger to me.

Deep down in our heart, we have the GOOD us. The good person in us who cares for a total stranger, 

'Son, get into the bus. Don't stand near the foot board.'
'Sister, your shawl appears to be vulnerable for getting struck in the rear wheel. Tighten it.'

These words may look so normal and so casual. When we utter such word and when we move away from the spot, as I said, deep down in us we will have a very very special feel that money cannot buy.

Incident 1:

I have my friend Vidhya who used to tell me the below...
'Never donate a rupee or two for a old aged homeless people. If we can afford, why don't we buy them some food or drinks. That would feel great.'
Later, I saw her buying a dinner for a homeless woman. That smile on that unknown woman's face, damn... You know, those are the thing that world needs the most.

That contagious thought grasped me...
Couple of weeks later, a homeless grandma came to me and sought some money. Though I had enough to donate, I bought her a tender coconut.
'Have this' I said and gave her the greeny tiny tender coconut with a straw.

Since that incident that took place by early hours, the whole day, I was so happy. I felt so positive and I felt so good about myself.

Incident 2:

I was so held up with my work on a busy day and of course it was a worst day with my mobile crashing out and I was rushing home on a rainy night.
I had a fellow passenger and it was obvious that he hails from some North-East state.
He spoke so good English. Fine English, that was way better from a daily labour.
We spoke, we spoke and went on...

He hails from a poor family, as an eldest son, he left his studies after 12th. Since then, he has been a nomad, working at hotels, construction sites and metal industries across the states of India.

I asked him, 'Why don't you head for home.?'
I know, It was a stupid question. But, I wanted to know how he expresses it.
He said, 'Bro, my siblings are studying. Parents, they are cultivators. I wish I could contribute some breads to my family. So, here I am.'

He was around my age and it was evident that he took his life so cool. May be he confiscated his feeling within him and could have acted as if he was all right.
I had this urge, give him some money...
I asked him how much money he has for a journey for Bangalore.
Surprisingly he had nil bucks in his wallet. And he said that his friend who was sitting at the other end was helping him out for reaching Bangalore.

I did not advise him but I gave him few encouraging words about his guts and contribution for his own bloods somewhere near the mountainous slope of Assam. I offered him few traditional Tamil savouries like groundnut candy and sesame candy. His face was filled with happiness. I gave him some 200 bucks, asked him to use it for food.

He was speechless and astonished. 'I never imagined that a total stranger from thousand kilometres away from home could help me like this.'
I told this incident to none of family members as they would suggest that I was fooled by some tricky man. But, seriously, the joy he had on his heart was so evident.

I shared him my Facebook ID and asserted him that I ll let him know if I come across any opportunities of his interest.

We do have some people whom we like less.
If we don't like their company and if we believe that they don't deserve our company, all that we can do is just leave the hall without noise.
Why go argue and fight ? Why aggravate pains ?
Art of leaving is so tough to pursue but too damn good for peace.

One good contribution of yours can let the people around to forget what you WERE and focus upon what you ARE.
SO Here I End This Post By Saying A So Easy Phrase And At The Same Time A So Tough Phrase To Practice.
If you have the power to make someone happy do it the world needs more of that ."

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  1. so very true deepak.. so true.. if only everyone makes everyone else happy .. the world will be a beautiful place :)



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