A middle-aged man was seen sobbing badly with a pack of ladoos before a portrait. A portrait of an old man adorned with flowers and incense sticks. Finest quality of ladoos and aromatic sticks available they are.

His hand is full of ladoos, ladoos that can tickle taste buds. Ladoos in handsome quantity,
but why was he weeping then ?

PIC: Google images

Well, his deceased dad was fond of ladoos but never got an aplenty of chances to taste them as his only son was busy buying candies for his own wards. And the weeping son had no time to spend for his feeble father but had enough to change Facebook status and display pictures every now and then.

Now, he abuses god and the weak heart of his father's for snatching away the old man from him.
Just like he abused the invisible god for taking away his mother a couple of years back.

It took a heart to realise the importance of ladoos in his life at the cost of a heart which is now probably engulfed by raging fire which was set by none other than him.

"How delightful my father would have felt if the realisation has come a little earlier?", he lamented.
A couple of dogs looking at the scene barked,
"Funny humans, aren't they?. They starve a heart that beats for love love and feeds a portrait with all their hearts."

Let's show some love for hearts whose stations can be reached any time now !
Better late than never.


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