From Being Managed To becoming Managers

"India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only." - Mark Twain.

From Being Managed To becoming Managers.
India and her children were once considered as ASSETS and we were treated as entities made for stakes.
We were once managed by them and time has come for us to help them show HOW TO MANAGE ?
Interestingly we are not teaching them how to manage our stuffs but their's own.

Cinema is a medium, for an instance, if a Hollywood film shows Italians as people who are either olive oil marketers or hailing from some Mafia, such perspectives shall be etched in our minds. So are you Italian ? You belong to which Mafia ? Do you sell olive oil ?
And so for people Vietnam, China and in the queue INDIA with theirs and ours own identity these movies throw.

Lets take a look...
Now India in the world's eyes shall be seen as Indians either dark or dusky guys. If it is an Indian man, he will be wearing a turban, possibly an athletic man and often employed either as cab driver or as a bouncer abroad. Indians living in their country shall only be seen as livestock owners.
Congested roads, cattle loitering as an Ambassador car propels by farting smog, dusky women in Ghoongat (veiled saree) carrying water pots, dark snake charmers minting money, mild Hindustani music in the background and girls in the outfit of Mughal's courtyard dancing for the beats...
This is how Hollywood and most of the bond movies featured India a couple of decades ago.

That's India that was not. Well, let me rephrase a little, that's India partially it was and it is.

As years rolled, Hollywood in the early 2000's also had it's evolution.
Then India was portrayed as a bunch of hard working youths fitted with headphones and speaking before rectangle shaped monitors in different voice modulations assisting Americans in some hectic banking process or with some product services.  

Thanks to A R Rahman and Slumdog Millionaire.
Many of the Hollywood movies had Hindustani flavour in their beats, that for a change flavoured the globe with some Desi factor.
Whatsoever, world continues to see India as a place spread with poverty and as unhygienic ground. To an extent it was true, being an Indian as we pollute the road each day, we must have the heart to agree as well.

These are the perspectives that cinema spotlights India as...
In reality, India has developed a little but in many fields. India is glowing and emerging.
World nations find India as country of opportunity, as someone said the ensuing century belongs to India and China. Blah Blah Blah...

Development factor in India and for India as a nation is still not so illustrious but it is promising.
On the contrary, Indians have scaled new heights. I meant the Indians who are not living in India. Be it Indian origin guys or also the Non Residential Indians (NRI), they are soaring like anything.

Indians on Demand...
Global giant conglomerates are being run by Indian born Chief Executive Officers (CEO).

Whenever I double click on Adobe Photoshop, all that my eyes focus were on a bunch of Indian names. Balakrishnan, Narayanan, Prthiviraj etc.
Pepsi, Adobe, Deutsche bank, NASA and many a semiconductor forms are administrated by Indians.

What is the need for giants like Microsoft and Google to appoint Indians for the coveted posts?

Well, I believe that we the Indians are just composed like our own masala movies.

We know how to respect people, we are tricky enough to know how to win over something by investing our words (Sycophancy). We know how to conserve our vital resources (only when it is our's hard earned but not our natural resources).
Of all, we know how to build a relationship and how to sustain it under all odds.

Basically, adjusting/flexibility and manoeuvring our lives as per our roads are in our DNA.
May be because of that, Europeans and Americans might keep their bets on Indians for heading their billion dollar firms.

We are humble enough to accept our mistakes and may be because of our religion and people around us, we fear for our conscience (not all of us).
We are people on smart pants, we are nothing lesser to our counterparts living in New Hampshire or New Orleans.

Since majority of us started our lives from scrap, we know how to keep our kingdom rigid.
We are known for our temperament and we are as always known for AIMS.
As long as we have our indigenous 'Indian Values' and the ability to achieve stuffs from grass root level and also the kindness, hospitality we are gifted with...
World shall go in the DESI way...
The day is not so far when and where Holywood shall portray Indians as managers of familiar companies and India as a potential land for qualified managers.

Thanks to our family structures and our centuries old tradition.

We are what we are because of what we were !

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