Neglecting Nearer Stuffs...

Few months ago, whole of India erupted in joy for celebrating the milestone achievement of an Indian made object entering another planet of our galaxy. Indeed a stupendous achievement it was. Lets' not talk rocket science.

I am from Thanjavur, if you are not familiar with this city you should probably Google as 'Thanjavur Big Temple'. If you have Googled, you must be seeing a gigantic stone made temple standing tall and pride. Whenever I used to mention about my home town, people used to ask me about the looks of Big Temple, the one we were talking about.

I shall not consider their enquiries seriously as I used to commute past the temple a number of times in a day. But for a person crossing the temple for first time, he would glance the monument as if a hungry beggar stares at Mutton Biriyani. Not just me, people hailing from such iconic locations would seriously give a damn for their icons existing within their boundaries. For people nearer to Taj Mahal, it is not a great big deal to talk about it. Similarly for people living at the down hills of Himalayas.

What we infer here is, we sporadically neglect our own identities situated nearer to us.  
Not just monument or people, even the history.

We talk so proud about the invasion of Alexander or Mongols, How many of us know about the great sea expeditions of Cholas. Cholas literally conquered several parts of today's South-East Asian nations beyond Sumatra Island.
One such neglected subject is Kumari Kandam.

Could be so true as several hypothesis commonly put forth a claim that world's oldest civilization could have perished at the ancient 'Lemuria' (submerged Kumari Kandam). The same land mass is also believed to have served as an ancestor to the Atlanteans (Atlantis), Aryans (Arctic) and other human civilization till today.
Though nothing can be proved with concrete evidences (as of now), I personally believe that there is a civilization sleeping beneath our modern day Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Poompuhar which is presently reduced to a meager fishing hamlet is speculated to have functioned as a major sophisticated port city of Lemurians.

While the underwater city 'Dwaraka' in the Gulf of Khambat was carbon dated to 9,500 years old. As per the Tamil myths, it is stated that the sea swallowed kingdom that was once believed to have situated in a land mass i.e. Kumari Kandam about 11,000 year ago. Kumari Kandam (Lemuria) could have existed in the same or earlier time frame of Atlantis which perished at the other end of ocean according to Plato.
WHATEVER, It is so sad to realize the fact that we the potential Indians do not have enough interested historians, funds and adequate technologies to probe this ancient treasure.

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  1. True, We neglect our history. I have seen, many of the monuments are neglected. No proper research.
    Kumari Kandam, I had never heard of this. :( . Again neglecting the nearer stuff :(


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