A Boatman's Son

Ever since writing has become my profession, I have stopped writing for my blog. Writing 1000+ words a day and again to write 500+ words for my blog might appear to be an easy task but NO. Putting aside such reasons, I vowed to write a blog post for the man who inspired me to follow my dreams.

There are two kinds of longing. People would often long for a birth in silver spoon family perhaps to take avatar as a sports star or as some successful actor just because they are well acclaimed during and after their lifetime.

The second kind is pretty weird and those are the people who longs to die like a legend, die as a hero which I call as everlasting death.

Many people would make us long and would make us to regret for taking birth in a middle class family or perhaps to have born as not so handsome face or not so glamourous body.
But only very few people would make us feel right from the heart as ‘Wow, what a death! I wish to die like him.’

Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam is one such kind and only such kind in the past few decades.
Ironically born to a man who makes boat and help people to reach their shores with the help of lighthouse, Kalam did the same for many of the youths. He guided and will continue to guide the youths just like a boatman.

Modesty and simplicity are the traits I would seek from a fellow human being. Not on many occasions I would such people who by putting aside their talents, money, and stature for mingling with a common man just like interacting with a person belonging to a same family.
Being a well acclaimed statesman, noted scientist, proven bureaucrat, incomparable human being, Dr Kalam was a man that we cannot imagine or expect to surface again in our life.

My Personal Association-
By then I had completed my Engineering degree after a very longggg fight and struggles. During my college days, I would often boast my close friends that one day I would become a journalist. They either laughed at me or discouraged me by stating that why did you opt for Engineering? If you are decided to go with journalism, why study Engineering, a common question. Meanwhile, it was the time my brother had bought ‘Wings of Fire’ book of APJ. Going through his failures, I developed some sort of temporary confidence and belief that someday I could get my dream job. As believed, It happened a little later but it happened. Dream and passion were the two great mission and vision that APJ imparted to me through his book. Honestly, not for the sake of writing this post, I was personally influenced by Kalam for his call to work towards our dream.

Work in India-
What are we doing now? We pick a most controversial issue, and we debate it for hours. We pour in our opinions that we gathered through the social media and some paper reports. But we would do all these by sitting in an AC room perhaps in an AC room of USA or some other nation. We never get out to the real issue but we will talk for hours about what’s wrong with India.

Kalam refused several of his offers that came out of the boundaries for one reason, which is he was determined to use his talents and resources only for India. How many of us would have done this if we were Kalam, I would not have. And so many of us…
Kalam wasn’t the role model for youths alone!

Many people say that Kalam is a role model for youths, yes. I don’t disagree.
How about his message in the form of his life for the grown adults, I meant the experienced persons with their age crossing beyond 50 years. He was the most loved senior citizen of the nation. He achieved it by his own formula. Don’t just blame the younger generation, teach them a lesson with your own life. Teach them what obedience is through your own actions.

Imagine how our nation would have transformed, if many of our former, current Prime Ministers and Presidents have had some of the traits of Dr Kalam.
I have been to Rameshwaram. The queue for entering the Rameshwaram temple was the biggest queue that you can spot in the island.

I have been to Chennai, been to both Chepauk cricket stadium and some of the leading multiplex theatres. Youths crowding there was the longest kind of queue you can see in Chennai which surpasses the queue in public distribution shop.
All these combined, people in thousands were queued up to pay final tribute for the late former President at Rameshwaram. How it happened? Even as a man with 10 kids was forced to live on the streets, how can a bachelor man attracts such crowd?

As Gandhiji said, everyone’s life is a story.
We all know what sort of story Kalam’s was!
Let’s inspire the generations to come, following at least one of his wish could bring a great difference in the life of some people who awaits it.  

Finally, there were some claims to undermine the achievements of Kalam.
I don't want to get into it, but I am sure that Kalam was an excellent human being than any form of his profession ranging from teacher to scientist.
He was the man who proved that height, colour, ethnicity, and language have got nothing to do with achievements.



  1. Nice one, Deepak. Though I live in a different country now, I don't want to mourn his soul today and forget him tomorrow. Instead want to follow his footsteps and do any one single thing that he will be proud of.

  2. superb..After a long time today fortunately I visit your blog. Your words are simple but very attractive. I admire your talent. A real tribute post for Abdul kalam.

  3. Its a good one.keep writing man.it inspires readers a great deal.

  4. I do hope all indians learn from him...



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