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You must be either fatally bored or brilliantly insane, else you will not be roaming here.
Sincere Thanks for the time you spent here on my blog.

Well, I am certainly not going to lie/praise myself by saying "The reason behind my blog is" and blah blah blah :)

S Deepak Karthik is my name, and few addresses me as DK,
A town boy from THANJAVUR district in the state of TAMIL NADU.
Passed my mechanical engineering degree with struggles, and finally landed up as a Journalist with the "The New Indian Express."

Thinks a lot, speaks a lot, writes a lot and also a friendliest creature.
Stay in touch with me :)

My Blogger Page-  "Don't Click here"
My Facebook Profile-  "High Alert"
My Twitter Handle-  "Never touched that"

My Initiative Indian Bloggers league-  "IBL 2012"



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