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If you feel that my posts here deserves a place in your blog/site, feel free to reach me, i accept to write guest posts on all kind of blogs.
As of February, i receive around 800+ visitors a day, i feel that i can help you with what i have.I have no conditions and certainly i will be thankful to you for inviting me
No problem or worries on what range your blog is, if you reach me for a guest post, I will give my best for your blog !

Check few of my guest posts at various sites..
*Street cricket
*Tick Tick - 55
*Pen is Sharper than Knife
*5 Feet 5 inches
 and more on....

Mail me using the ( Email me ) option and kindly give me your details,
I will catch you with that information 
-Deepak Karthik:)
Pleasure is mine :)


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